Guy Corbaz
Guy Corbaz is the founder of gribot, an open collaborative of people developping gribot. It is an open source robotic platform that can accommodate different types of tools according to needs. Guy Corbaz and his team are producing open source blueprints, software and documentation. Therefore, anyone should be able to build and maintain a gribot robot, at a fraction of what it costs today. He believes that such a platform can intensify the transition to sustainable agriculture, while maintainig  productivity at a high level. This will help relegating repetitive and strenuous tasks to a machine.
Guy Corbaz founded gribot in 2017 to create a collaborative and creative platform that optimize development, production and distribution, via open source collaboration, to accelerate agriculture transition.
Through his dual training as a farmer at the Lullier School of Horticulture and then as an electronics engineer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), and his sensibility to sustainable development, Guy Corbaz is able to implement technological solutions adapted to a new sustainable agricultural world.