The Gribot general specifications/">specifications of the mowing robot are as follows:

  • Weight: 20 kg (±20%).
  • Cutting width: 60cm.
  • Maximum working speed: 1.8 km/h, i. e. 0.5 m/s.
  • Travel speed: 1.8 km/h.
  • Minimum treatable area: 20’000 m2.
  • Delimitation of the surface to be treated by GPS (RTK Real Time Kinematic). The installation of a wire is excluded.
  • Ground clearance (distance to the chassis floor): min 10cm.
  • Autonomy: 4h minimum.
  • Stand-alone navigation and obstacle avoidance.
  • Optimization strategy of grass cutting to optimize the use of the battery.
  • Minimum obstacle height: 10cm.
    • Maximum passable slope: 45°.
    • Knife speed: 3000rpm.
    • Safety and protection of users and animals.
    • Users and animals must not be allowed to come into contact with knives.
    • The machine must stop when someone or an animal gets too close.
    • The knives must stop when the machine tilts too much (e. g. lifting by someone).
    • The machine must stop completely and become alarmed if it overturns.
    • The machine must stop completely and go into alarm if it is blocked.
  • Remote Access
    • Activating/deactivating the robot.
    • Status information.
    • Position information.
    • Programming of the operating zone.
    • Access via an application on a mobile device.
    • Access via a website.
  •">Gribot general specifications refil
    • Two types of charging stations
      • Charging station connected to the electricity grid.
      • Charging station with solar panels and wind turbine (next step).
    • Charging time with mains connection: max. 4 hours
    • Charging time with solar and wind stations: max 6 hours
    • The robot returns alone to its charging station.
    • When the robot is connected to its charging station, it stops all unnecessary electrical consumers.


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