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We often talk about precision farming and agricultural automation. Most of these projects are about improving the traditional way of doing things, without radically changing it. Grass management in crops such as vines, fruit trees and plot ends is done in a very traditional way: with a tractor and mower or mulcher, and with weedkillers for areas that are not or difficult to reach by machines. The same problem can be found in the maintenance of roadsides or large non-agricultural grassy areas.

lawn mower tractor
lawn mower tractor

There are a multitude of robot mowers for use in gardens or recreational areas, such as sports fields and other areas. These devices operate only on regular surfaces (no large holes, bullfighters, etc.) and in perimeters mechanically limited by barriers or electronically by buried wires. We are beginning to see the emergence of devices that work with GPS.

It is difficult to use these lawnmowers in an agricultural environment because they are not suitable for rougher environments and uneven surfaces.