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Propulsion torque

The torque required depends directly on the wheel diameter and the maximum resistance force. The power depends on the torque and speed of the wheels, or the forward speed and resistance force.

The total force required for displacement is 180N. However, it is evenly distributed on the drive wheels. It is therefore of:

Number of propulsion wheels Torque
2 13.5Nm
4 6.75Nm

Propulsion power

The power required to propel the mower, depending on the basic specifications is:

\[ P=F_{rtot}\cdot V \]

Number of propulsion wheels Power
2 45W
4 22.5W

Motor summary

The summary of propulsion engine characteristics is:

2 motors 4 motors Comments
Power 50W 25W
Torque 13.5Nm 6.75Nm
Speed of rotation 60rpm 60rpm with gear box
Power supply 12 or 24V 12 or 24V