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Wheel diameter depends on the ground clearance of the robot mower chassis. Wheels with a diameter of 30 cm are chosen: this guarantees the minimum distance to the ground required in the general specifications and leaves some room for the layout of electric propulsion motors. In addition, wheels with a diameter of 30 cm allow the use of inflated (low pressure) tyres, which makes it easier to move in slightly uneven terrain, as is the case with crops.

The relationship between the speed of rotation and wheel radius is given by:

\[ V= r\cdot \omega \]


\( V \)​ is the speed in m/s

\( r \)​ is the wheel radius in m

\( \omega \)​ is the speed of rotation in rad/s

The speed of rotation can be calculated from the linear speed as follows:

\[ \omega =\frac{V}{r} \]

or, in our case:

\omega =\frac{0.5}{0.15}=3.33rad/sec=1.05rps=63rpm