The KYDBL 2430-1E is a cost effective brushless controller, manufactured by Keya Electron. It can handle  one electrical brushless motor. This controller has many capabilities, and it can be used in different modes. These capabilities are:

  • Power supply: 10 to 50VDC
  • Continuous current: 13A
  • Peak curent: 30A
  • PWM rc signal
  • Pulse control (500Hz – 5000Hz)
  • CAN bus (CANOpen)
  • Digital input
  • Analog input
  • Digital output


The configuration of the KYDBL 2430-1E is done with a software provided by Keya Electron. This software uses a RS-232 connection.

Unfortunately, the software is now available on Jinan Keya web site: you have to ask for it by e-mail.

There are more details here on using KYDBL 2430-1E with ROS.


The document of the KYDBL 2430-1E is a bit light: it only consists of a description of the pins with some comments. I asked Jinan Keya, and the send me other documents, such as CANOpen eds files.

Activating CANOpen on KYDBL 2430-1E brushless controller

CANOpen protocol is not activated by default. Even if the menu is available in the configuration software, it is not possible to activate it without doing a light hardware modification. It consists in welding the bridges indicated on the image below.


The controller is sensitive to CAN Bus signal: therefore, it is important to correctly terminates the lines with a 120Ω resistor.

The tests I made shown some bandwidth limitation on the CAN Bus. They might come from the cabling or from the device. I did not investigate more in detail yet. Therefore I limited the bandwidth to H125.

General comment about Jinan Keya

Up to now, the experience I did with Jinan Keya is rather good. Even though some element where missing, such as the configuration software, CANopen activation or eds files, the company do handle requests very quickly. I always received answer to my request several hours after I asked.

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