1. wow, thx alot for this post.
    i’m in the process of purchasing dual channel controller, 30A from jinan keya to handle 2 BLDC motor. that blue one.

    it is said already support CANopen. after reading your post, i can go with this with confident.

    just wondering how ROS talk to this controller? create node or topic for each command?

    1. Hello,
      Your post requires several answer.
      First of all, I can only speak for the single channel (the red one) as I did not test the other.
      Yes, it is CANOpen ready, however, it is not activated by default: you have to sold two jumper on the board of the KYDBL 2430-1E ( I don’t know for the other.)
      There is a software to configure the Jinan Keya devices, but it is not directly available on their web site: you have to ask for it.
      There is an EDS file, but you also have to ask for it.
      It seems that the KYDBL 2430-1E has some issue with high bandwidth CAN operation: at the time being, I’m using it at 125 kbps.
      I’m trying to use ros_canopen, but did not test yet: the doc is a bit light. I’m working on it and will update that post soon.

  2. Hey thanks for the post, so useful!

    Also, I am trying to do the same application with other motors and I was wondering, do you have to configure canopen_master first? what’s the difference between canopen_master, canopen_chain_mode and canopen_motor_node? I have taken a look to the documentation but I still don’t get it. Thanks!!


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